Traders, Planners, and Asset Managers have a lot to love with our exciting new partnership with Nrgstream. 
Our PAT Trader customers are already using PAT Trader to identify congestion drivers in seconds, instead of hours or days.  Thanks to our new partnership with Nrgstream, PAT Trader just got a whole lot faster and more capable.  In fact, customers beta testing Nrgstream-enabled PAT Trader reported finding new insights and opportunities for innovation they never had access to before. 

We’re excited and expect these trends to continue as we roll out the software to more users. 
Aside from making PAT Trader faster and more powerful in the MISO, SPP, and PJM, thanks to Nrgstream data, this partnership now gives PAT Trader customers DIRECT access to ERCOT Markets.

What’s more, there are new tools in PAT Trader only available to Nrgstream subscribers.  Our PAT Trader users love the Congestion Tool’s Daily Analysis Tab.  Integration with Nrgstream makes the Multi-Day Analysis Tab fully functional in each ISO, enabling our popular mode of analyzing congestion, but over months instead of days.

Access to Historical Transmission Outages not only improves your ability to look at Shift Factor and LODF trends over a long period of time, but it’s also let us add the Outage Correlation Tool, one of the most popular tools from our flagship program the PROMOD Analysis Tool (“the PAT”), into PAT Trader.  Now you can leverage our 35 years of technology leadership in transmission planning and modeling, only now applied to the actual transmission networks used by the ISO Market State Estimators, instead of planning models.

Our growing team of experts is actively reaching out to our customers to offer training on our new tools.  If you’re already using the PAT, PAT Trader will feel as familiar as riding a bike.  If you like what you see, WATCH OUR VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT AND SCHEDULE A DEMO with us today!