Driving Success Together: A 2023 Retrospective
As CEO, I’m thrilled to share our “Driving Success Together: A 2023 Retrospective” video. It’s a reflection of not just our journey but the incredible […]
Our new customer, Accelergen Energy, LLC
We’re thrilled to welcome our newest customer! Accelergen Energy LLC is a solar and battery storage developer working hard to accelerate the transition to clean energy. Our […]
Siemens PTI On-site Training
We recently had a great on-site training trip in Houston with Yan Du’s team at Siemens Energy / PTI Consulting. Yan leads a sharp, successful renewable consulting group inside […]
CEO, Steve Burchett appears as a guest on Erenewable / The Green Insider Podcast
Please take a moment to listen to CEO Steve Burchett explain Power Analytics Software in this podcast interview: Episode 203 of the eRENEWABLE and The Green Insider […]
EMC20 Energy Marketers Conference PAS is Exhibiting
We’re thrilled to announce that we’re exhibiting at the #EMC20 Energy Marketplace Conference Booth #35 in New York City on October 17-18, 2023. If you’re passionate about […]
We’re excited to announce that Ray Zimmerman has joined Power Analytics Software as a Lead Optimization Engineer, responsible for implementing Unit Commitment Optimization in our […]
Today we’re excited to formally announce our intention to add a Security Constrained Unit Commitment (“SCUC”) optimization engine to the PAT.  Our customers are going […]
What if there was an entirely new way to model batteries? Instead of reducing total system costs across a huge network, what if the objective […]
Eloy Martinez has joined PAS as a Junior .NET Developer responsible for developing and maintaining our software. Most recently, Eloy has been a technical specialist […]
Patt Rojanasthien joined PAS as a Senior Full Stack Developer, responsible for developing and maintaining our software. He graduated from Florida Institute of Technology with […]
We just made it a whole lot easier to use PAT Trader. Before now, you had to manually download all the RAW files and other files […]
After more than 14 months of continuous effort, we’re proud to announce that Power Analytics Software, and all our software products and services, are compliant […]
This year, we are participating in two in-person conferences in New York City: ​​Register today and make sure to stop by our booth for some […]
We’ve greatly expanded the capabilities of the PAT’s Unit Siting Tool. Now you can model energy storage units in the nodal economic dispatch optimization. Calculate and compare […]
Today we’re releasing PAT Trader 1.18.0 which has a brand new Risk Tool and a new MISO File Scraper.  The Risk Tool is a powerful […]
People are hiring like crazy right now. We’re frequently asked if we know of any solid PAT users looking for work, and we always like to […]
We’ve upgraded our recording methods.  Check out the new look!
Today we’re releasing PAT Trader 1.16.0 with a brand new tool!  Now, you can use Shift Factor Analysis to make informed decisions in PJM’s ARR Allocation. Use it to […]
Instead of sending data to us with the old FTP, now you can use the Upload Button we added to each program… Faster, more reliable, more […]
If you are using PAT Trader in SPP, you need to grab a new file, which enables us to show Shift Factors on SPP Price […]