What if there was an entirely new way to model batteries? Instead of reducing total system costs across a huge network, what if the objective was to selfishly maximize individual battery revenue?   What if this new method allowed you to quickly site energy storage and avoid dozens of PROMOD runs?   

How Selfish Battery Optimization Works:
We have created a new way of optimizing batteries that is currently not available anywhere else. It’s a “selfish” optimization that dispatches and commits a battery, only if it makes money, NOT only if it reduces total system-wide generator operating costs.   

Production Cost models typically fail to accurately capture market action, due in part to using constant generator offer values for an entire run (there are MANY other reasons).  In normal market operation, owners/operators will adjust their offers (while avoiding conduct & impact) to get dispatched more.  They want to selfishly optimize their unit’s revenue, not total system losses.  Our new Selfish Battery Optimization is a step closer to more accurately modeling how your battery will actually operate in the markets, either stand-alone or paired with a renewable unit.  

This new optimization method builds on a concept originally conceived of and developed by nFront Consulting.  The recently formed SCUC Advisory Board (with representatives from battery asset managers, battery siting analysts, and 3 ISOs) provided insightful feedback on actual battery operation and control in the markets.  Thanks to the collaboration with the SCUC Advisory Board, we are developing a series of enhancements across all our products.   

When is Selfish Battery Optimization Available? 
Effective immediately, Selfish Battery Optimization is available to all APC Reporter customers.   To learn more, any existing customer can book Unlimited Free Training on our Support Page or enjoy our Training Video Library.    

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