Today we’re excited to formally announce our intention to add a Security Constrained Unit Commitment (“SCUC”) optimization engine to the PAT.  Our customers are going to love this new development.  Why?  Because this means that in combination with our Economic Dispatch engine, the PAT will be stronger and more capable than ever before. 

Our customers give us the best ideas, and we’re hoping the trend continues with SCUC development. To ensure we get SCUC done right, we’re also announcing the formation of a new SCUC Advisory Board.  Although there are limited seats, each of the 3 ISO’s that have been our customers for 15+ years have a guaranteed seat.

Whether it’s better battery optimization or sub-hourly intervals, if you are interested in making sure the PAT’s new SCUC engine works the way you need it to, SCHEDULE A CALL DIRECTLY WITH STEVE BURCHETT, CEO.