Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, traders and planners of all ages!  Introducing the latest PAT Trader version with no less than 3 major updates!  Drum roll please!

#1: Both the Transmission Outage Tool and the Constraint Tool use LODFs.  
 – See which constraints a given outage will impact the most. 
 – See which outages impact a given constraint the most. 
 – See which buses will have the greatest change in price if a constraint binds. 

#2: The Current Tool is up and running.
 – See which constraints are binding in the markets RIGHT NOW. 
 – See what these constraints do to prices at a bus.
 – See which current outages may be causing these constraints to bind. 

#3: The PAT Trader works in SPP. 
 – The list now includes the MISO, PJM, and SPP. 
 – ERCOT is coming soon!

We still have a few loose ends to tie up functionality-wise.  Here is a chart of the current capabilities… We plan to eliminate the red X’s soon.

Watch Steve, in a particularly awesome shirt, walk through the changes in PAT Trader in the video below: